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Pipe Cutter

The Pipe Cutter

The Pipe Cutter

Simply attach special Pipe Cutter panels & centraliser to your existing Smart Cutter™. Quickly and easily remove excess cured liner that has overshot during the lining process into the main line. Cut the excess piece through the lateral.

For DN70, 100 & 150 /3”, 4” & 6” pipes.

Powered by a Picote milling machine:

  • DN70/3" with Mini Miller or Midi Miller with adapter for 8mm/?" shaft.
  • DN100/4" with Midi or Maxi Miller.
  • DN150/6" with Maxi Miller.
The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex

The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex

The Ultra-Flex is a complete unit and is used when there is a bend just before the location where the liner needs to be trimmed. The latest DN200 / 8” Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex is also a complete unit and can be powered by the Maxi Miller.


How to make a Pipe Cutter


DN70 / 3" Pipe Cutter

DN70 / 3" Pipe Cutter

DN100 / 4" Pipe Cutter

DN100 / 4" Pipe Cutter

DN150 / 6" Pipe Cutter

DN150 / 6" Pipe Cutter

The Pipe Cutter in action

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APS relining technology is already trusted in millions of dollars of pipe rehabilitation sales worldwide every year.
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Our systems have a proven track record of increasing plumbing company revenues and profitability, with millions of dollars of relining projects using our system undertaken worldwide every year. Discover more about our success stories here, including video testimonials from our clients.


The inversion relining process has a 50 year life expectency, making it a dependable long-term solution for customers. The reliability of the system can help provide you with a competitive advantage in the market.