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Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions of your own, feel free to call us or contact us via the email form here.  Alternatively, you can also arrange for a free information pack to be sent to you here.

Is cured in place pipe lining strong?

Yes. Thousands of metres of cured in place materials have been installed worldwide. They have withstood every corrosive environment plus the test of time. Millions of dollars have been saved because excavation was eliminated.

How large of an access area is needed for trenchless replacement?

In a large number of cases, our techniques can be inverted through a cleanout. These techniques keep digging to a bare minimum, which saves money. Our system can also start and stop anywhere in the line which will reduce your material cost and make the job more affordable.

Will there be a reduction in pipe flow?

No. Cured in place pipe actually increases flow capacity because the new pipe is much smoother than old clay and concrete pipe.

Are relined pipes environmentally safe?

Yes. Cured in place materials mould to the host pipe. The new seamless pipe prevents infiltration and exfiltration, restores structural integrity, and eliminates joints that can weaken and allow root intrusion.

What is the maximum diameter and length of pipe?

We can treat lines from 50mm up to 250mm in diameter and with a maximum length of up to 50metres or more.

Are sewer lines the only type of pipe you line?

No! You can line any pipe whether it is horizontal or vertical, round or rectangular, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, or any other waste situation.

Are you able to reline bends using the Brawoliner Inversion System?

Yes!  You are able to reline multiple bends with a single liner

What style of business best suits relining as an addition?

Relining can be adapted to suit any business that comes across the need to repair cracked or broken pipes. Sewer Maintenance companies, drain cleaning companies

What is the lead time on products through APS Pipelining Supplies?

APS Pipelining Supplies aims to always have stock on its floor of the consumable items such as liner, resin, junction patches for same day dispatch. Hardware items, such as Inversion Drums, Steam Boxes, Boiler Units, Complete Reline Packages will be dispatched from our Manufacturer within 2 weeks, delivery across U.S. is dependent on shipping time tables.

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Why Choose Us

APS relining technology is already trusted in millions of dollars of pipe rehabilitation sales worldwide every year.
Not only are the solutions a reliable method of rehabilitating lines, but can be a key component in transforming the revenue and profitability of plumbing and drain companies. Discover how existing clients are already using relining to advance their businesses.


From residential repairs to commercial and municipal projects, our inversion relining, satellite junction repair and patch repair solutions are trusted by many of the leading plumbing companies in the US.


Offering the best relining solutions in the market can bring considerable revenue benefits to clients.


Our systems have a proven track record of increasing plumbing company revenues and profitability, with millions of dollars of relining projects using our system undertaken worldwide every year. Discover more about our success stories here, including video testimonials from our clients.


The inversion relining process has a 50 year life expectency, making it a dependable long-term solution for customers. The reliability of the system can help provide you with a competitive advantage in the market.