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America's Home Of Pipe Relining Supplies

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Pipe Relining Technology to Boost Your Plumbing Business

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The Leading Technology Used in Millions of Dollars of Pipe Relining Projects Worldwide Every Year.

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North America's Home Of Pipe Relining Supplies

Pipe Relining Technology to Boost Your Plumbing Business

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The Leading Technology Used in Millions of Dollars of Pipe Relining Projects Worldwide Every Year.

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Pipe Relining Technology to Boost Your Plumbing Business

The Leading Technology Used in Millions of Dollars of Pipe Relining Projects Worldwide Every Year

Pipe relining is the technology transforming plumbing and drainage business profitability across the US. APS Pipelining Supplies is at the forefront of that transformation, with the world's leading relining technology, years of research and development in the local market, and the ultimate level of training and support.


Precision TechThese relining technology and solutions are tried and tested to work in the US market, with millions of dollars of annual client sales.

Discover how APS pipe relining solutions can benefit your business, and bring you the competitive market advantage:


Pipe Repairs UndergroundIf a customer with a drain or sewer pipe issue has the choice between trenchless underground relining and rehabilitation of their pipe, and destructive digging of their landscaping to replace the pipe, it's clear which option they will prefer. Plumbing companies able to offer relining and rehabilitate lines have a clear competitive advantage in landing the most lucrative of plumbing sales. Not only that but relining can save time and money too. The future of drain and sewer plumbing in the US is in relining.


The revenue performance of relining services, and their capacity to help transform profitability have been proven time and time again in the US. Read more about our clients' success stories here. Pipe relining has the potential to make a dramatic improvement to the profitability of your plumbing company.


VersatileAPS supplies the world's leading relining technology, systems and supplies, including the Brawoliner system. From inversion CIPP relining, to patching to junction repair, APS has the leading technology. No other system comes close in terms of quality, precision, cleanliness and lack of installation issues - we invite you to see the difference for yourself by visiting our training facility, and seeing the superior results with your own eyes.

In addition, our solutions also benefit from years of research, development and application in the US, to perfect our pipe solutions for local conditions, pipes and plumbing codes. These are tried and tested solutions used in millions of dollars of local pipe rehabilitation, ideal for US plumbing businesses. With APS you don't have to reinvent the wheel, or learn by mistakes, we have the training, support and solutions to help you get it right first time.


A significant part of our work is providing US most comprehensive training for relining. We have created a training facility to teach you every facet of relining based on years of experience with US pipes and conditions. Best of all, that experience can help you avoid errors when using the system in practice, saving you having to revisit job sites or undertake costly repairs. It's the experience and training which can save you money.

Clients can also benefit from on-going support over the phone, and even on-site job training at any location in the US. Whatever the pipe repair challenge a client is facing, APS is there to help with support.


When you're working with APS for your relining systems, training and solutions, you have the opportunity to connect with other successful plumbing clients who are already using our solutions in US markets every day.


It goes without saying that investment in pipe relining is a cost-effective way of adding additional revenue and competitiveness to your plumbing company. It has the potential for a dramatic impact on profitability, with a proven track record of success in the US.


APS Pipelining Supplies offers a complete solution to whatever your relining needs are. From individual supply sales, to comprehensive system, supply and training packages we can assist. We can even create 'drive-away' truck packages of everything you will need to reline straight away, including our industry-leading training programme with on-going support.


For a FREE information pack on how APS Pipelining Supplies can benefit your plumbing and drainage business, complete our form on this page here, or call us with any questions or queries direct on 888-258-9359.

For all your pipe relining system, supply and training needs across the US, call and speak with APS Pipelining Supplies today.

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Why Choose Us

APS relining technology is already trusted in millions of dollars of pipe rehabilitation sales worldwide every year.
Not only are the solutions a reliable method of rehabilitating lines, but can be a key component in transforming the revenue and profitability of plumbing and drain companies. Discover how existing clients are already using relining to advance their businesses.


From residential repairs to commercial and municipal projects, our inversion relining, satellite junction repair and patch repair solutions are trusted by many of the leading plumbing companies in the US.


Offering the best relining solutions in the market can bring considerable revenue benefits to clients.


Our systems have a proven track record of increasing plumbing company revenues and profitability, with millions of dollars of relining projects using our system undertaken worldwide every year. Discover more about our success stories here, including video testimonials from our clients.


The inversion relining process is solid enough for clients to feel able to provide guarantees from 50 years to even lifetime guarantees for as long as home owners live in the home. The reliability of the system can help provide you with a competitive advantage in the market.